2005 Valkyrie Rune

2005 Valkyrie Rune

PRICE: $19,250 SOLD!

2005 Honda Valkyrie Rune

High concept meets high performance in the ultimate expression of form and function. Cruiser styling is taken to all-new heights and blended seamlessly with Honda’s most advanced technology. A masterpiece? To be sure. This fabulous example has been meticulously maintained and is ‘as new’. Covering only 31,500kms you have to see to believe the condition.

“This thing is a visual feast from front to back. Take a look at its unique trailing link fork (with dual shocks hidden below the steering head), then let your eyes pick up the odd but stirringly curvaceous headlight. A beautiful seamless fuel tank arches gracefully over the chrome six-cylinder motor, framed by the only aluminum chassis of the bunch. A single-sided Unit Pro-Link swingarm shows off the 5-spoke rear wheel that mimics the look of a ’60s Halibrand magnesium car wheel with a modern flair.

“There are several other automotive hot-rod influences in the Rune. Its radiator looks like it was plucked from a ’32 Deuce coupe, while the valve covers seem like 3/4 scale small-block Chevy V-8 items. Its wrap-around rear fender also borrows cues from the ’50s lead-sled movement; just like a slammed Mercury, its low placement is a cause for caution when backing it up against a curb.” READ MORE HERE


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